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Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Etsy

May 26th, 2006 by Emira · No Comments

So I’m not going to pull a Sassy magazine “Boy’s We Love” here on you by giving you a straight-up profile of Esty, the project-turned-wild-success of Robert Kalin, but I have been thinking a lot lately about how it has changed the landscape of online selling in significant ways. And in particular how it can impact women starting businesses who are looking to dip their toes in the vast sea of e-commerce.

For those of you who don’t know, Esty is a website that offers its members a chance to buy and sell handmade goods. Readymade sums it up nicely in their latest issue in describing Etsy as “community-driven marketplace that’s aimed at people who like making things, and people who like buying them.”

While there are no overt gender politics at Etsy, it is a pretty awesome vehicle for anyone looking to turn their greatest crafting/painting/jewelry-making/designing/etc talents into a way to pay the bills. Over our years of doing website design for a living, we’ve built ourselves quite a clientelle of female entrepreneurs (some of whom you’ll soon see profiled here) and through them and the sucess of their websites, we tend to get a lot of inquiries from other gals looking to start up a business selling their wares online. And in some cases, setting up a full fledged e-commerce store that can handle shipping rates and payment and multiple product views and all that business is just way too much of an investment for your average gal looking to supplement a business model where she sells things to stores with a little direct to customer action. And while the “buy now” PayPal button has been out there for a while, it still means needing to have a website and setting up all that business yourself. Etsy kind of takes care of that for you in a not half bad looking framework. And yes, they take a bit of your commission (much like Ebay) but they’re offering a fantastic service. Now I wouldn’t go advocating that everyone switch their carts to Etsy and be done with it, but as you’re starting out and covering all kinds of other start up costs, it could be a great option to help build your business.

And, now, because it is Friday afternoon, here are a few of my favorite gals on Etsy:

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