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Women’s Workplace Wednesdays: The Photos

January 10th, 2007 by Emira · No Comments

There’s plenty going on behind the scenes here both with our book project (news soon we promise) and with that thing called work. So while we’re feeling a bit too run off our feet — or perhaps more appropriately glued to our chairs — to dispense too much in the way of sage advice, I did have a little thought about sharing some workplace images over the holidays.

raisedeyebrow_work.jpgIt happened like this: I was flipping through the latest Dwell magazine which was in our livingroom and noticed they had a piece on home offices. Being a small business gal, I’m mighty familiar with the home office even though we now have an official out-of-the-corner-of-the-bedroom address, and so my interest was piqued. Of course I should have known that they weren’t going to actually show anyone at work, the spread showed highly perfect, clean, modular home offices. Perfect for the Dwell set of course (and I count myself amongst them) but the lack of any visible work in the photos left me totally uninspired. So. The mind ticked along, and running with the them of Self Portrait Tuesdays at Flickr and Work In Progress/Studio shots I’ve also seen over there, I thought I’d start a group for women to share photos of their actual workspace. I have christened it the highly alliterative: Women’s Workplace Wednesdays!

I’ve included the group description from Flickr below, as well as the inaugural photo (above). The photo, appropriately enough, is what is constantly in my peripheral vision at work all day: the whiteboards. These organize our clients, our to do lists and our time, and sometimes they are known as: the Whiteboads of Doom.

So, if you’re at work and it’s Wednesday (and today it is!), take a photo and join the group, or you know do the same thing next Wednesday, or heck plunder your archives for past photos snapped at work. Eventually we’ll build up a gallery of what women’s work really looks like.

There are lots of public groups already about women at work, but this group was started specifically for photos of women run businesses taken by the women who run them. Photos don’t need to be glamorous, and feel free to take inspiration from different areas of your work day and life. Self portraits, still-life with keyboard or shots of your store/studio/officespace are all welcome.

There are also other groups already like studio self-portraits and such that would certainly qualify for joining this group if in fact you are a women, and your studio is your work ;)

Please limit this to no more than 3 posting per week.

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