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We’re Bust-ing Out!

March 26th, 2008 by Lauren · No Comments

Bust Magazine, Apr-May 08 cover(s) Oh my, but there were a lot of puns to choose from to title this post… “BUST-ing with pride,” anyone? OK, but seriously, we’re very, very excited that The Boss of You has received a thumbs-up from BUST, one of our most favoritest magazines ever. (There are two covers to the left because it’s a two-cover “Men We Love” issue — flip it one way for Flight of the Conchords, flip the other way and it’s Elijah Wood.) Here’s what the very kind Katie Shafley had to say:

A book that tells me I can draw pictures instead of making a business plan? I’m sold. In The Boss of You, Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon, who own their own Web-site-design business in Vancouver, BC, deliver creative tips for the DIY business owner, whether it’s creating illustrated models of your target audience, complete with backgrounds and personalities, or trading freshly baked cookies in return for help designing your logo.

The Boss of You isn’t just any “follow the Wal-Mart ethic to financial glory” guide to creating a money-grubbing venture. The authors suggest that while money is part of any business, it shouldn’t be the end goal. Of course, they insist that you set a good salary for yourself, benefits included, so you don’t end up slaving for your business.

The book focuses on branding, creative marketing, and the physical steps it takes to get a small business running. Mears and Bacon offer sage advice that you’ll actually want to follow (“perhaps you get your best ideas in the bath; in that case, draw yourself a nice hot one and keep a notepad next to you”) and offer several examples of successful women-owned businesses. Plus, they don’t skimp on the details most of us dread, like creating a budget or applying for a business license, presenting them in a readable way (with information for independent ladies north and south of the border). Whether you’re selling handmade leggings or starting an online graphic-design consultancy, this is a handy guide that feels less like slogging through a tome of entrepreneurial jargon and more like chatting with a knowledgeable friend over afternoon tea.

— BUST, April/May 2008

Thank you, BUST! We love you!

[Side note: Neither of us are yet accustomed to being referred to as “Mears and Bacon,” so although we know it breaks the rules, we can’t help wondering whether it would be so bad if reviewers went the first-name route… The last-name thing just sounds so strange!]

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