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Smoking Lily

April 29th, 2008 by Emira · No Comments

Smoking LilyThis profile, of one of my absolute favourite local clothing designers, kicks off our Boss Lady Profiles section (in truth we profiled a few gals eons ago, but given the long period of dormancy it seems hardly fair to count those). Eventually we’ll branch out, but for starters we’ll be profiling some of the truly awesome gals who were a part of our book, The Boss of You. If you want to know more about these gals and pick up some of their business smarts then I can’t recommend our book highly enough… For real, it may sound corny to say “we couldn’t have done it without them” but is oh so very true.

Now, onto the profile:

Around the offices at Raised Eyebrow we’re pretty hard core fan girls on a few fronts and one of the prime objects of our affection is Smoking Lily. Now waaaay back when Smoking Lily first opened their very wee doors in 1996 in my hometown of Victoria, screenprinting on t-shirts was a pretty novel idea and Smoking Lily had it all. Their whimsical prints were both quirky and beautiful, and their shirts, bags and accessories were soon de rigeur among the hip crowd on the West Coast. Fast forward more than a decade and they’ve branched out into clothing design, allowing them to go beyond the simple girl cut-t to a whole wardrobe of lovely clothing for men, women and wee ones (though they haven’t left t-shirts behind thankfully as who doesn’t want a giraffe on a tshirt!?). For a while there I used to live around the corner from Smoking Lily’s Vancouver store and those were dangerous times for my clothing budget. Now that they offer online shopping the danger is back, particularly because they have an awesome/bad habit of rotating stock very quickly. So be warned: if you, like me, fall in love with the 113 Jacket you’ll want to act quickly. I checked in with Trish (head Lily) to see what’s up over on the island these days and she told me they’ve just produced a new run of their gorgeous Satin Ascots that she figures make a great Mother’s Day gift. Funnily enough my sister bought my mom one of these many moons ago, so I couldn’t agree with her more.

(Fun fact: On the back cover of our book (this photo) I am wearing a Smoking Lily Ship Disturber Top.)

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