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Blog Book Tour: Stop Number 2!

May 7th, 2008 by Emira · No Comments

We’ve got post number 2 in our world wide blog book tour up at Felicia’s site this morning. Today’s topic is figuring out who to hire, once you’ve decided you need some help.

It’s going up a little bit late as we spent the morning sitting in a green room with the very charming Kurt Browning (pretty awesome if you’re a Canadian or a hardcore figure skating fan), as we waited for our moment in the spotlight on Breakfast TV. It’s going to be a big day (and a long one frankly) for the book around these parts. We’re also doing a reading at Sophia Books (450 West Hastings, Vancouver) this evening at 7pm. If you’re in town here we’d love to see you so do stop by and say hello!

And one more thing: If you don’t have one yet (or you’re dying for a second copy) you can enter to win a copy of The Boss of You from our lovely friends over at Lunapads, check it out.

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