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Blowing Our Own Horn

July 21st, 2008 by Lauren · No Comments

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a woman I attended university with, years and years ago. Although we still know people in common, we hadn’t stayed in touch really, until she emailed me to tell me she was setting up her own PR company and had wandered into the bookstore’s entrepreneurship section only to find just the book she was looking for… with my face on the back cover!

Liz is a publicist in the performing arts sector (we both studied classical music at the University of British Columbia), and with several solid years of experience under her belt she’s feeling like it’s time to go solo. I’m really excited for her and think she’s ideally suited to the entrepreneurial life; she’s smart, ambitious, and has that “fire in the belly” that’s common to all of us who want to be our own bosses. So when she wrote this review of our book on Amazon, it meant a great deal to me.

Congratulations to Emira and Lauren for writing this excellent book. I am half way through, and reading it seriously: I am reading a couple of chapters at night, and going back and answering the questions by day in writing. I plan on starting my own PR business, and this book has become a bit of a “manifesto” for me. What I love most is the basic, practical advice it offers, along with the encouragement. It’s positive and reassuring, yet direct about the pitfalls of making mistakes with your business.

Next, I love the feminist subtext of this book: that us women deserve to be paid what we’re worth, and I loved the urge (“We beg of you, close the wage gap between men and women!”) to price ourselves appropriately, and not modestly.

“The Boss of You” is hitting me on a few levels, inspires me, and is giving me courage to get my ducks in a row for the eventual launch day (still a ways off – but definitely in the works).

I really hope the Oprah producers come across this book and get these two rockin’ chicks on the Oprah show. Talk about “living your true life” – and earning a living while doing so – !

When meeting a graphic designer to work on my logo, she kept grabbing the book and flipping through it and said, “okay. I really have to get this.”

I encourage anyone (men, too) who has a dream of starting a business to get this book. My only wish is that it was edited to remain Canadian with American references (instead of the reverse) but who’s quibbling?


Liz Parker

(Thanks, Liz, for saying such nice things about our book — and for granting me permission to re-post this here.)

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