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Female-Led Architecture Firms Emerging

December 2nd, 2008 by Lauren · No Comments

The Tyee has an interesting article up about women in architecture, and in particular the historical dearth of women in leadership roles in that field. There is a new firm on the scene in Vancouver, led by two women, Jennifer Marshall and Shelley Craig — and apparently their partnership is unusual enough they had to give it some serious thought before going into business together.

To this day, architectural practices without a man in the house remain an oddity around here, so the two architects had to sit down and calculate if Vancouver could accept an all-female firm. “Jennifer and I talked about it for a long time beforehand,” says Craig. “There was always that question: is the world ready for this? We decided that it was.”

There’s some interesting historical context and a bit of off-the-cuff gender theory in the piece; I recommend it for a quick and intriguing read.

Also, in a design-related aside (otherwise a complete non sequitur), check out how good Times New Roman can look if it’s handled with great, great care.

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