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The Boss of You: Audiobook & Kindle Editions

May 17th, 2010 by Lauren · No Comments

A funny thing about being an author is that although you get to take most of the credit for your book, the fact is there’s a huge network of people and organizations involved in getting your book into readers’ hands: From your agent and your publisher to bookstores and libraries, bloggers and reviewers, the web of connections is actually quite mind-boggling.

One of the biggest hubs in that network is Amazon, which not only serves as a critical bookselling outlet, but also controls things like whether your book will become a Kindle e-book or an audiobook. (Although Amazon isn’t the only source of audiobooks, they own, and they make their own decisions about what books to publish in audiobook format.)

Well, over the weekend I was checking our Amazon reviews, and much to my delighted surprise, I discovered that The Boss of You is now available in both audiobook and Kindle formats! This is huge for us — these days, I rarely have time to sit down with a printed book but I am becoming a huge fan of throwing an audiobook on my iPod and taking it to the gym with me (or out for a walk, or on my commute). And all the travelers I know swear by their Kindles. Not only does this increase the convenience factor for our book, but it’s also accessible to a whole new audience, including people with visual disabilities. Whoo!!

So, here’s a list of the new places you can pick up a copy of The Boss of You:

There’s one key person I want to thank for her contribution: Thérèse Plummer, who narrated the audiobook edition of our book. I’ve never met Thérèse, but she did a gorgeous job bringing our words to life and infusing them with warmth and approachability. What a wonderful gift it was to hear our text read aloud in her voice.

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