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3 Keys to a Website That Sells

May 24th, 2010 by Lauren · No Comments

The fabulous Danielle Laporte did me the great honour of inviting me to contribute to her amazing entrepreneurial toolbox, The Firestarter Sessions. (It’s kind of like an e-book, but bigger & bolder — there are videos and worksheets and you just kind of have to experience it. In fact, Danielle calls it a Digital Experience for entrepreneurs.) She posed several questions about creating your online presence, and asked me to pick one and answer it. But, um, I misunderstood the instructions… I answered all of them. (Why yes, I am an overachiever.) Danielle gave me her blessing to post the answers she didn’t use — I thought they might be useful to some of you. This is number two. (The first one, “5 ways to be a great web design client,” is here.)

3 Keys to a Website That Sells

  1. Simplicity. Everyone says this, but what they really mean is: Give people only as much information as they need, when they need it. (Read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug for a super-short, awesome explanation of how simple works on the web.) You can have a lot of content on your site but still keep it simple.
  2. Beauty. Looks matter, especially in what for most people is a visual medium. If you want people to buy your stuff online, give them big, detailed photos so they can see your products from every angle — just as they would if they were picking them up in a store. Create balanced, well-structured pages. Pay attention to typography. (And ask your web designer to advise you on this stuff.)
  3. Personality. Infuse every aspect of your site with your spark. Consider all the details. Instead of “Leave a comment,” try “Philosophize” or “I have something to say, dammit!” Make it sing your tune. People will connect with you and it’s that connection that pulls them in and brings them back.

The Firestarter Sessions includes 19 sessions, 13 videos and 22 worksheets, and sells for $150 (with $5 going to charity). A live session with Danielle goes for about $500, so this is an amazing value. Buy your copy here.

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