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Our Resources Guide For Download

November 24th, 2010 by Emira · 1 Comment

Hey there,

A lovely reader (listener?) of the audio version of our book emailed us to ask to get the Resources Guide in hard copy, as going back to listen through a bunch of links and reference materials isn’t quite the same as paging through them. And so, viola! Here, for those of you who likewise have listened to our book instead of reading it, or who want to perhaps mark up a copy of the Resource Guide with abandon, is our Resource Guide as a PDF.

And, since going through the old drafts of the book reminded me that we originally did this work in 2007 (!), I also heartily recommend that all your smart folks out there share other useful resources with each other in the comments. Some of them may be ones we missed, or they may be things that have come along since the book went to print (2007!). I’ll start:

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  • 1 Krystie Rose Millich // Jan 31, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Hey, Lauren & Emira:
    Got your book the other day for the next expansion of my business; LOVE it! Great job! I’m already starting work on the budget/financials stuff, even though I’m not a huge ‘math’ fan…I’m motivated by having my house in order and getting paid the right amount for what I do and what I have to offer!