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The Boss of You

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Small + Successful at School House Craft

September 7th, 2011 by Emira · No Comments

I’ll be giving a version of the Small + Successful webinar Lauren and I gave for Citrix back in June at School House Craft in Seattle on September 24. The session description is below. The conference itself looks fantastic and includes daily opportunities to have your Esty shop reviewed by an Etsy admin. Sweet.

Small + Successful: how to define and achieve success on your own terms

This workshop will address the value of being small, defining success for yourself and tips for evolving and growing your business in your own way.

Emira Mears, author of The Boss of You, will cover topics related to building an intentional and successful small business including:

  • Why small (business) is awesome
  • The importance of defining (and redefining) success for yourself
  • How to make a small business sustainable
  • What healthy and profitable growth might look like for you

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