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What Women Want from Sheryl Sandberg as a Business Leader

February 8th, 2012 by Emira · 1 Comment

I’m thrilled that CV Harquail referenced my post about Sheryl Sandberg in her piece, What Women Want from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, on today. Not only because I’m flattered, but also because the traffic from Forbes alerted me to the piece in general, which is an excellent read.

Harquail does a great job of praising Sandberg for the work she has done, for speaking out publicly about gender inequality in business, leadership and tech, while also affording Sandberg the praise that I agree she is due for being a vocal, feminist, business leader. Then she lovingly calls on Sandberg to do more. A lot more. Harquail argues primarily for Sandberg to lead a significant shake up of the board which is currently “made up of “rich white guys—not terribly representative of the wide open world Facebook claims to represent“.”

She suggests, quite rightly that,

Getting women on the Facebook Board would be a public, symbolic, inspirational, functional and financially-responsible demonstration of commitment to gender equity at Facebook.

And then goes on to enumerate the various tangible benefits to the company that such representation would provide. I can’t agree more, both with the specific call to Facebook to diversify its board — afterall, as she she points out, it would then better represent the largest group of its users — with more women and people of colour, and with her call to Sandberg to do everything she can to make that happen.

If you care about women in leadership and concrete steps we can take to make a difference, I strongly recommend reading it. And, if you happen to be in a position to influence a board or leadership decision in favour of better representation of women, this might just be the rallying cry you need to inspire you to do the (what may be very hard) work to make it happen.

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  • 1 Jenny Good // Jun 3, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    I am so in agreement that the female presence should be part of the Facebook Board (and in many other new media venues, as well). At no other time have women been so well poised to use their strengths as in this new business era. Social media platforms are a prime location for women to use our age old community building talents as well as our business savvy, to pioneer the new media movement.