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It's a book. It's a blog. It's a guide to running a business your way.

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Lauren and Emira are passionate about helping people define success on their own terms, and create thriving businesses that support their unique vision. Co-founders of a successful digital agency, and co-authors of The Boss of You, a groundbreaking guidebook for independent-minded female entrepreneurs, these two dynamic young women offer an uncommon blend of down-to-earth advice, intelligence, good humour, DIY-style creativity, and style.

They are available for a variety of speaking engagements, from keynotes to interactive workshops.

Topics & Themes

“I appreciated your insightful words on being women in business and, more broadly, on ways to make a living and make a difference. I, too, enrolled in an Economics course in university and eventually withdrew because I couldn’t say ‘profit margin’ without gagging.”
-Natasha J., Seattle, WA

Lauren and Emira design their talks to address the needs of your event, and would love to hear from you about your group’s membership and goals. Past themes include:

  • Defining Business Success on Your Own Terms
  • Growing Your Business: How to go from surviving to thriving
  • You Are Your Best Employee: HR for the self-employed
  • Networking for Nonconformists
  • Marketing is Not a Dirty Word: Selling your wares without selling your soul

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