Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears Present

The Boss of You

It's a book. It's a blog. It's a guide to running a business your way.


Here’s what people are saying about The Boss of You:

Journalists say…

“Because it doesn’t give the mainstream ‘grow big and fast’ message on business, the book offers unconventional advice on running a business where every aspect of it is close to your heart.”

“A book that tells me I can draw pictures instead of making a business plan? I’m sold. Mears and Bacon offer sage advice that you’ll actually want to follow (“perhaps you get your best ideas in the bath; in that case, draw yourself a nice hot one and keep a notepad next to you”) and offer several examples of successful women-owned businesses. Whether you’re selling handmade leggings or starting an online graphic-design consultancy, this is a handy guide that feels less like slogging through a tome of entrepreneurial jargon and more like chatting with a knowledgeable friend over afternoon tea.”

“The authors cover the fundamentals of crafting a mission statement, developing branding, handling finances and legal issues, hiring good employees and expanding your business with admirable clarity, bolstered by success stories, helpful exercises and sample budgets. Women with dreams of owning their own businesses and looking for a place to start will find much to aid them—and much to enjoy—in this thoughtful guide.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Mears and Bacon offer their personal experiences in setting up their web-design company, as well as real-life scenarios from dozens of other women in start-up ventures. After helping readers define the vision for their business and understand why they need to be their own boss, this practical guide follows the stages of a start-up and offers down-to-earth advice backed up with real-life scenarios.”
Library Journal

…An engaging book that mixes business basics, worksheets to help hone an idea, as well as personal stories from Ms. Bacon, Ms. Mears and other entrepreneurs across the country and the United States.”
The Financial Post

“Web design partners and strategists and now coauthors Mears and Bacon make sure that the rational side is well-prepared before venturing into a new business, with lots of straightforward talk.”

Readers say…

“I haven’t had this much fun reading a book, making lists and feeling positive since doing The Artist’s Way!

“I love that one of the earliest tasks was make a list of my own personal measures of success. I didn’t even think to put ‘Make big bucks’ as one of the bullet points (although I think the words ‘dream house’ might have made it in there), and the nice thing about what Lauren and Emira have done with this book is embrace the idea that success is different things to different people.” [Read more]
- Claire Robertson, AKA Loobylu, illustrator and top blogger

“Finally, a book that speaks to the new generation of indie business owners! Cover-to-cover, The Boss of You is jam-packed with must-know answers to every new entrepreneur’s hot, burning questions. From confidence building tips, to marketing plans, to the dreaded financial details — Lauren and Emira deliver it all, and in a voice that feels like its coming from a trusted close friend. Believe me, you won’t want to open your doors, virtual or otherwise, without a copy of this book within reach!”
- Vickie Howell, host of Knitty Gritty on HGTV and DYI and author of New Knits on the Block, Not Another Teen Knitting Book, and Knit Aid

“I am a Nutritionist in Toronto, who has a habit of putting marketing off and avoiding things like promoting myself. I have always thought of myself as business savvy but now I know that I can do so much more. The Boss of You has inspired me to take the bull by the horns and get myself more business than I have allowed myself so far (so far being months of dry spells and many many different business plans). After reading your book I am ready to flyer and do more talks and get some more clients!”
- Cathy Bouchard, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, The Nutritionista

“The book goes through all the aspects of starting a business, the things you know and the things you don’t know that you don’t know, working through them in a conversational tone. Each section has examples from real life experiences, either from Lauren and Emira or a bunch of people they interviewed while writing the book. Full disclosure: I was one of those people and I’m am psyched to see my name in the back of the book.

“They cover both aspects of business for those who will be making an actual thing, and those who will provide a service. They talk about what you should do when your business grows too large for you (raise your prices!). And they work you through all the processes of setting up pricing, billing, and the dreaded business plan. It’s a great resource for anybody setting out to start a business, whether you plan to grow it large or keep it small.” [Read more]
– Megan Reardon, top blogger (Not Martha) and owner, The Organized Knitter (handmade knitting needle cases)

“I love this book so much it should be sold in the AWESOME! section of Barnes and Noble.

“Bacon and Mears perfectly word this 256-page manual on exactly what a woman needs in order to turn a passion into a profession. They escort you on an illuminating walk through the dark brambles of launching your own successful business. Each chapter is stocked with page turning lines about scary and overwhelming topics like finances and lawyers to more exciting start up tasks like marketing and networking. They write with full disclosure of how difficult the first years can be, how much planning and budgeting is required, yet they intertwine this honesty with supportive tones that don’t smack of the ‘you go girl!’ talk or a fistpump in the air yelling, ‘This is how you do it, Sistah Friend!’

“I read this book in one night and it is surely going to be a dominant source in my business planning. I’m grateful that I found such a treasure to actualize this frightening yet exhilarating idea of being my own boss.” [Read more]
Mona (AKA Kirida), photographer and working mom

“I plan on starting my own PR business, and this book has become a bit of a ‘manifesto’ for me. What I love most is the basic, practical advice it offers, along with the encouragement. It’s positive and reassuring, yet direct about the pitfalls of making mistakes with your business.

“Next, I love the feminist subtext of this book: that us women deserve to be paid what we’re worth, and I loved the urge (‘We beg of you, close the wage gap between men and women!’) to price ourselves appropriately, and not modestly.

“The Boss of You is hitting me on a few levels, inspires me, and is giving me courage to get my ducks in a row for the eventual launch day (still a ways off – but definitely in the works).”
- Liz Parker, publicist

“I have been in a slump. Perhaps I am feeling the pangs of the recession… I started [my] store because I always wanted to run my own shop but I didn’t really sit down and hash it all out. I just got a copy [of The Boss of You] this morning. I already feel inspired and ready to get some new direction.” [Read more]
- Kristen Rask, Schmancy Toys (quirky toys, collectibles, and original art work)

“Although I’ve been my own boss for the last few years, I’m learning new things every day and this book is really helping me clarify a few things. One of the best exercises I did from the book was really think about, and write down, my idea of success. Lauren and Emira have a brilliant take on success and how we all define it differently… As Lauren and Emira point out, so many business books are all about the money with little, or no, regard to other important things in life. I loved being able to define my idea of success in my own way and I was pleasantly surprised at how much had actually already achieved on my list. I felt rather successful actually.” [Read more]
- Lorissa Shepstone, designer and photographer, Dynamic Vantage

“There’s all kinds of great tips and resources and very witty writing on top of it!” [Read more]
- Erin Schlosser, Schlosser Designs (creative rubber stamp designs for papercrafting, card making, and scrapbooking)

“At last! A smart, sassy guide for women who want to run their own business and define entrepreneurial success on their own terms. The DIY startup, marketing, and expansion tips here are well worth the price of admission.”
- Michelle Goodman, author of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube

“When was the last time that someone told you that you get to define what success is for you and that you are successful even if you are not shooting for big growth and fast progression? What a relief to finally hear someone say that you don’t necessarily need a business plan before you get started, unless of course you’re seeking financing. What you do need to do is to sharpen your pencil and let Lauren and Emira help you along the way in defining your vision and your business image.” [Read more]
- Laura Bucci, handbag and accessory designer, and member of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team

“Bacon and Mears have written an encouraging business book for the indie business owner and DIY crowd. Throughout the book, the authors offer opportunities to make useful lists and write down goals, budgets, and new ideas. If I were going to quit my day job and start a business, The Boss of You is the book I’d want on my shelf.” [Read more]
— Rekesha Spellman, Feminist Review

“I have very much enjoyed reading your book, it is so down to earth and with no B.S.!”
- Emira’s Grandma

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